“I was moved to tears by the Playback session this morning, having forgotten how exciting education can be when handled with creativity and dynamism, and coaxing the real information straight from the students.”

Anna Epstein
The Jewish Museum

Improvisation, Spontaneity, Fun & Creativity

In the moment

(Short, 1 day or series : 10-40 participants) In this fun and engaging workshop participants learn the basics of improvisation and discover how useful spontaneity and creativity can be in everyday life! Spontaneous improvisation empowers participants to thrive in meetings, teamwork, networking events and when speaking from the cuff or delivering impromptu speeches.


(Short or 1 day : 8-150 participants) Drawing on the disciplines of playback theatre, iimprovisation and narrative, this workshop has participants telling, inventing, sharing and hearing stories of all kinds. This age-old tradition is how people learn, and make sense of themselves , each other and their worlds. Melbourne Playback Theatre has helped hundreds of organisations and communities articulate
their own story through performances and workshops.

Discover your inner Clown!

(Short, series, 1 day or 1 week : 8-20 participants) These workshops are sure to have you laughing heartily at yourself and with your colleagues.


(Short : 8-20 participants) Not quite death-defying feats, but this workshop is sure to get your heart pumping with the thrill of circus performance.

Mime – an introduction

(Short : 10-40 participants) Several Melbourne Playback actors are skilled in the art of mime. Learn the ancient performance tradition mastered by people like Charles Chaplin, Marcel Marceau and Jacques Lecoq.

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