“I was moved to tears by the Playback session this morning, having forgotten how exciting education can be when handled with creativity and dynamism, and coaxing the real information straight from the students.”

Anna Epstein
The Jewish Museum

Sound & music

Percussion and Drumming

(Short or half day : 5-20 participants) Discover how much fun it is to create rhythm and music together! Melbourne Playback’s talented musicians transform your group into a rhythm-making machine.

Song and Voice

(Short or series : 8-20 participants) Unlock the potential of your voice in this fun and freeing workshop. Learn songs, create harmonies and watch as the group becomes a choir.

Improvising Music for Playback Theatre

(Short : 1-20 participants) A workshop for musicians. Melbourne Playback’s own musicians share their approach to improvising alongside actors from the Melbourne Playback ensemble.

Klezmer and Nigun with Ernie Gruner

(Short or series : 5-20 participants) Learn Eastern European Jewish tunes (klezmer) and wordless songs (nigunnim) with Melbourne Playback Theatre’s highly talented musician.

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