“I was moved to tears by the Playback session this morning, having forgotten how exciting education can be when handled with creativity and dynamism, and coaxing the real information straight from the students.”

Anna Epstein
The Jewish Museum

Performance Skills
(for actors or non-actors)


(Short, half day or series : 10-30 participants) Workshops full of performance exercises designed to generate ideas and work towards creating a unique theatre performance with a group of performers or non-performers.

Performing Shakespeare

(Short : 5-20 participants) Tackle the language of the world’s most famous playwright – a workshop for actors and non-actors alike.

Mastering Text

(Short or series : 5-20 participants) Learn how actors learn and perform dialogue and unlock the many meanings and truths hidden in every line of text.

Masked Theatre

(Short or half day : 5-20 participants) There’s so much to discover about performance, character and yourself when you play in the magical world of mask. Look through different eyes!

Embodying Character

(short, half day or series : 5-40 participants) Learn a range of ways to invent, discover, inhabit and perform a unique character. Whether you’re starting from scratch, improvising or playing Hamlet, this workshop will have you standing in someone else’s shoes.

Physical Theatre

(Short, day or series : 8-40 participants) When they perform, Melbourne Playback actors draw on a range of physical theatre traditions including Butoh, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Grotowski, Contact Improvisation, Action Theatre and more. Find new ways to express yourself through movement in these energising workshops.

The Articulate Body

(Short, day or series : 8-30 participants) Explore the expressive possibility of your body.

Ensemble Performance

(Short or series : 8-30 participants) Discover the synergy of ensemble performance from one of Melbourne’s tightest professional performing ensembles.

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