“I was moved to tears by the Playback session this morning, having forgotten how exciting education can be when handled with creativity and dynamism, and coaxing the real information straight from the students.”

Anna Epstein
The Jewish Museum

Presentation, facilitation and public speaking

Presenting with confidence

(Half day, 1 day or series : 10-25 participants) Use actor training methodology to increase personal confidence and improve everyday presentation skills and public speaking. Through participating in supportive and energised workshops full of laughter, participants will discover an increased awareness and control of verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Presentation & public speaking

(Half day, 1 day or series : 5-12 participants) Drawing on acting techniques, participants will learn how to master their physical and verbal presence to take their public speaking to the next level and make their presentations even more engaging.

Facilitating discussion

(Short : 5-20 participants) Learn how Melbourne Playback’s talented facilitators generate discussion, tackle difficult topics and foster an environment where every voice is valued and everyone feels able to speak.

Activated Listening

(Short, 1 day or series : 5-40 participants) This interactive workshop builds a team’s ability to work together by focusing on one of the most fundamental elements of communication – listening. Using a range of engaging exercises and drawing on our experience of playback theatre, participants will experience empathic
listening, and build on their ability to listen to both verbal and non-verbal communication.

The Body Speaks

(Short : 5-40 participants) This workshop helps participants master the art of non-verbal communication - body language and "the unspoken". Melbourne Playback’s ensemble of actors appear to read each other’s minds when they perform. Find out how in this fun and inspiring workshop.

Emotional Intelligence

(Short, 1 day or series : 5-20 participants) This challenging workshop equips participants with the ability to understand the heart of a situation and respond accordingly. Exercises build skills essential for managers; empathetic listening, reading the unspoken, compassion, giving feedback and dealing with conflict and tension.

Performing for Customers

(Short or 1 day: 10-40 participants) Drawing on acting and improvisation techniques, give your customer service staff an energised workshop where they discover an increased awareness and control of their verbal and non-verbal communication skills and learn techniques to get the most out of their interaction with customers.

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